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Lucky Jet / Strategy

On this page we will reveal the intricacies of one of the main questions for a lot of modern gamblers: is there a working Lucky Jet bet strategy to make a profit. We will tell you what game schemes exist for playing from 1win and how to maximize your chances of winning. You will also learn all about the game’s functionality and the features of the best Lucky Jet strategy.

How does the Lucky Jet works?

What is Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet is an online game on the website of betting company 1win that allows customers of the service to earn real money. It has a simple crash game scenario - the main character (Lucky Joe) appears on the screen at the start of each game round. Together with him, a multiplier is triggered - a coefficient that grows with every moment. On Joe’s back is a jetpack, and his task is to fly off into space. As soon as he flies away - the multiplier counter stops.

What do the players need to do?

Before the start of the round it is necessary to enter the bet amount and press the «Bet» button. After Joe’s exit it is necessary to follow the increase in the rate. As soon as it reaches the value you need - press the «Take the money» button. If you managed to do this before Joe flies away, then you get the winnings. If the hero flies away before you press the button - the money burns and the bet loses.

Lucky Jet game strategy is a sure way to win

How to play Lucky Jet and win? To play this game, strategy is very important as you are dealing with playing against a random number generator. Players get out of this situation in different ways. Some are looking for lucky wins - they try to catch a very high odds one day and wait for the next time. Others try to develop their own strategies, lucky jet signals or even hack the game. Still others try to use mathematical strategies that came from the casino. And this is the most correct way to make money on the game, if you believe the practice. So let’s look at the best variant of the game and for an example of one more variant of the Lucky Jet game strategy.

Catch-up strategy for playing Lucky Jet

This Lucky Jet strategy is widely considered to be the best. Dogon is actively used in casino and sports betting, and very many gamblers are happy with this tactic and try to earn with its help. This Lucky Jet game strategy is based on the principle of increasing the bet.

The example is simple - you have 10,000. It is desirable to allocate 0.5% or 1% of this amount and make the first bet with this denomination - that is, 50 or 100 . Let’s say you bet 100. You need to catch the coefficient just above two - for example, 2.10-2.20. By the way, you will be helped by auto withdrawal in this situation. Bet 100. In case of a loss, we allocate 200 for the next bet. Lose again? No problem - bet 400. Another minus? Make a bet for 800 . And so on.

Best strategies for playing Lucky Jet

How much can we earn?

  • 100 + 200 + 400 + 800 + 800 = 1500 . That’s how much we spent on 4 bets.
  • 800 * 2,10 = 1680. This is our income from the winning bet.
  • 1680 - 1500 = 180. This is the net profit.

Pretty good, 1.8%. Note that you can set the withdrawal rate at any level. But we recommend not to go overboard, otherwise you can get into a long series of losses and drain the entire bank. By the way, this is the biggest disadvantage of this strategy. Nevertheless, practice shows that if you approach the game wisely and without great excitement, when using this Lucky Jet game strategy, you can earn quite well on the distance.

Orange odds game strategy

Lucky Jet signals

Let’s start from afar. All of the Lucky Jet play odds are divided by color:

  • Blue - odds from 1.00 to 1.99;
  • Purple - odds from 2,00 to 9,99;
  • Orange - odds from 10,00 and above.

So, as you have already guessed, our task is to catch orange quotes. Frankly speaking, it is not the easiest task, because they do not appear too often. Sometimes there are up to 50 blue and purple bets in a row before the odds above ten are played.

We suggest the following option. Actively observe the game, look at the history of past rounds. As soon as you count 30 played bets of blue or purple color in a row - start the game. Put 1% of the bank with an auto withdrawal of 10.50 (for example). If you lose, repeat the bet (no more than 8 times in a row). After the eighth bet, double the denomination - there should be 5 such bets. Another 5 bets can be placed at 4%, another 5 - at 8% of the initial deposit. In the end you will have 23 bets. After 30 consecutive loosies, this should be enough to catch your luck.

How much can we earn?

Now look, a mathematical calculation. The initial bank - 10 000. (100 * 8) + (200 * 5) + (400 * 5) + (800 * 5) = 7800 - this is the amount of money spent on bets. 800 * 10.50 = 8400 (the amount of income from the winnings from the last bet). 8400 - 7800 = 600 - net profit. Total - 6% profit from the winnings, and this is the minimum percentage.

Pair Betting Strategy

Every Lucky Jet strategy in one way or another requires certain skills and knowledge from the gambler. Therefore, in the third method we offer an effective system of making money, which will be suitable even for those who start Lucky Jet for the first time. Its essence lies in the proper use of basic functions that are present in the software: paired bet and automatic withdrawal. A little later we will dwell on these options. For now, we will reveal the sequence of actions:

  • Allocate the allowable amount of cash that you are willing to spend on the next few rounds. Keep in mind that this Lucky Jet strategy will require you to use two bets at once instead of one - the potential starting costs will increase!
  • Next, set the odds to 2.0 for automatic withdrawal on the first bet. This will allow you to withdraw all the money you have spent on the current round and stay at least “on your own”.
  • For the second bet you can leave the manual withdrawal. In this case, do as you wish necessary.

Lucky jet signals

With such a Lucky Jet game strategy, you can understand how Lucky Jet works without risking large sums. Moreover, beginner gamblers due to this methodology consistently withdraw decent winnings! After all, in fact, you fully insure yourself, using the minimum odds on the first bet, and the net profit comes from the second! If we talk about a specific “ceiling” of earnings, it all depends on the initial bank.

Lucky jet mobile

Small odds strategy

New players on their own due to their inexperience do everything possible to lose. This is due to the fact that the new player is afraid to immediately make large bets in the game.

Such lucky jet strategy has two negative aspects. The first is the lack of financial advantage. The newcomer does not get the large credits that he gets from the welcome package. The second affects personal financial savings. The more monetary potential in the arsenal, the longer you can play crash game Lucky Jet.

Even with a modest budget, it is possible to make money. Lucky jet strategy 2024 small odds will contribute to this. It is perfect for beginners who want to win real money with the least risks:

  • The player makes 2 bets at once with equal amounts. The player uses the outtakeshut function as insurance.
  • The user fixes the outtakeshout at a coefficient of 1.5. This level is reached at each game stage. It is possible to be sure of this if you carefully look at the statistical menu, located at the top and where the extreme multipliers that fell out are indicated.
  • A player makes a large deposit for 20-30 rounds. The output from this multiplier turns out to be minimal, but, for example, after 30 winning rounds, the player develops a decent amount. Now it will only remain to withdraw it to a card or e-wallet.

Players in a big way go a different way. The user puts a large bet and makes a choice in favour of the tactic va-bank. The bet is not opened at random, but at the most appropriate minute, when the objective possibility of falling out multiplier from x200 is equal to 99%.

Lucky Jet Predictions

And now let’s talk about Lucky Jet predictions, which are often offered on various online resources. The fact is that licensed software guarantees a fair game for all gamblers. It is based on a complex algorithm and GCH with the ability to check the generated hash independently. Therefore, all published predictions on the Internet, applications to find the most favorable odds in specific rounds - this is nothing more than fraud. We strongly advise you not to use such information in order not to lose your money for nothing.

Moreover, by installing third-party software, you risk losing your personal data. If the program will somehow affect the results of the rounds, the user’s account may be blocked along with the balance without the right to restore! Think three times before using illegal and untested software.

Lucky Jet features to help you

In the game you will be able to use two additional features. Auto Bet will save you from the need to press the «Bet» button before the start of each round. You just need to fix the bet amount and then the system will automatically place a bet for each round.

The second option is auto withdrawal. This is an even more useful feature, as it can insure you against system bugs while accepting bets. Its essence is that the system automatically calculates the bet winnings when the specified odds are reached. For example, if you want to take money with the odds of 2.50 - you just need to write it on the screen in a special column and check the auto bet option.

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Does the Lucky Jet game strategy always work?

The strategy of playing in Lucky Jet helps gamblers to stabilize the profit on the distance and get it regularly. Experimentally, it has been found out that the best Lucky Jet game strategy is the catch-up method. This is the best answer to the question of how to win at Lucky Jet. When you use it, you seriously reduce the risk of losing and increase the possibility of making profits all the time. The size of the profit may not be very big, nevertheless, it will be regular.

Scheme game Lucky Jet earn money is necessary just to protect yourself from possible losses at a distance. Do not neglect this recommendation - the integrity and safety of your deposit depends on it. However, the strategy of playing Lucky Jet cannot insure you from losing money, because it is gambling. However, over the long haul, it is very likely to make you a profit!


What is the Lucky Jet strategy for?

In fact, the Lucky Jet strategy is not a necessary element to win real money. But it will allow you to make a profit on the distance - even if not too high. If you play haphazardly - the probability of losing completely increases significantly.

Are there any Lucky Jet predictions online?

Any online game sooner or later becomes an object for various machinations with its hacking. The option under consideration is not an exception - on the Internet you can see how to leak different Lucky Jet predictions. We do not recommend you to fall for them - most of them are posted by scammers. It is better to play honestly!

Can I find signals for Lucky Jet anywhere?

There are many groups available on Telegram and other social networks that supposedly leak signals for Lucky Jet. We also do not advise you to use them - too much this story looks like a scam. Honest play always commands respect - remember that!

Can the Lucky Jet game algorithm be cheated?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. The algorithm of the Lucky Jet game is based on the work of a random number generator. Perhaps there is some software in the world that can hack this game. But the rules of the game prohibit such actions, so it is better not to risk your account and the money on it.

How does the algorithm of the game Lucky Jet?

The algorithm of the game lucky jet is based on the generation of random numbers that determine the combination of symbols on the game lines and the outcome of each spin. After generating random numbers, the algorithm compares them with the given positions of symbols on each game line. If the combination matches the winning combination, the player gets the winning winnings.

Should I use Lucky Jet predictions to play the game?

Tracking the frequency of odds in the game, it is possible to predict the outcome. But be careful. All published lucky jet predictions on the Internet, to a large extent, is a fraudulent scheme. This method many people call a win-win, but it is a scam. If you act competently, then lucky jet predictions for the game is not necessary.